Saturday, September 20, 2008

Guns N' Poses Variety Show

On the third Wednesday of every month, Purty Mouth brings its special brand of "countrypolitan camp" to Highway 99. In recent months, they've gone above and beyond what most bands do, especially on mid-week gigs when not as many folks go out for live entertainment and the adult beverages that normally accompany a night out. So rather than throw in the towel and consider their Wednesdays a "paid rehearsal" (note to bands: never use that term when talking to a club owner!), Purty Mouth puts together a variety show by bringing other bands and entertainers, they produce a new showbill and flyer every month, they even give each show a different name and theme - they take what most bands are inclined to treat as an ordinary weeknight and turn it into a unique and exciting event. Their monthly show consistently offers new and interesting performances, and it's always a blast. The other night, it was the Guns N Poses Variety Show with hostess Rebecca M. Davis, the two-step honkeytonk of The Rainieros, and the lovely ladies of Heavenly Spies Burlesque, who performed on their own as well as on stage with Purty Mouth. What a marvelous show!
Country + Burlesque = Fun!

The Heavenly Spies!

Purty Mouth & James Blonde in a patriotic performance:

The Rainieros take things down to a nice respectable level:

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