Tuesday, February 16, 2010

RIP, Lil' Dave Thompson

Lil' Dave Thompson, 1969-2010

It is with sadness and a heavy heart that we report what many of you may already know. Lil' Dave Thompson passed away Sunday morning, the result of an automobile accident outside Augusta, Georgia while touring with his band. Nobody else was seriously injured. The band was driving home to Greenville, MS after the final night of a long tour which concluded in Charleston, SC. The van struck a hole in the road, veered into gravel and lost control.

Dave and his band played our club in 2009 and 2008. Our experiences with him were simply first class. He was a professional, dignified, and friendly man.

Our friend Peter Dammann who runs Portland's Waterfront Blues Festival wrote us today: "Dave was a great Mississippi bluesman and wonderful soul. Had him at Waterfront Blues Festival in '02, and saw him again in Arkansas in '07. So sad to lose one of the young standard bearers of this music."

Ed Maloney commented as well: "Dave was a stand-up and good-natured guy who always had a smile on his face. He enjoyed a good laugh, but not at anyone's expense. He was a gentleman. Dave Thompson was the kind of guy you spend some time with and walk away challenging yourself to become more like him."

Lil' Dave is survived by his children: David Jr. (20), Danielle (19), Shequeena (18), Shirleiah (16) and Destiny (13); sisters Patricia, Barbara Denise (twin sister), Jennifer and Pasty Thompson, Zenovia Henderson and Rose Marie Richmond; and brothers John, Sam, Elijah Allen and Tyrone Thompson.

The funeral for Lil' Dave Thompson will be at 2pm, Saturday, February 27 at Bell Grove Mission Baptist Church, 1301 BB King Rd., Indianola, MS 38751.

A support fund has been set up by Dave's family. Contributions can be sent to:
Community Bank
P.O. Box 28
Indianola, MS 38751

Contributions can also be wire transferred to routing # 084204301 for the benefit of Dave "Lil' Dave" Thompson c/o John Thompson.

Direct mail can be sent to Dave's family at:
John Thompson
P.O. Box 512
Moorhead, MS 38761
email to John Thompson: thomp964@bellsouth.net

Finally, to celebrate Dave's music, his video for "Something Come Over Me" is available for free, courtesy of the Thompson Family, by clicking right here.

Heaven's House Band has gained a wonderful man and one helluva guitar player.

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today

Well, not exactly to the day... but within a week, this totally non-blues, non-musical thing happened. Mike Tyson was the undisputed heavyweight champion of the boxing world, at a time when the world generally knew and cared. Then, an undisputed heavyweight boxing champion was a singular hero to all. Ali, Holmes, Norton, Liston, Louis, Marciano... Today, there are so many more t.v. channels and things like mixed martial arts and ultimate fighting have carved up what used to be the boxing audience. Anyway... point is, celebrating the underdog is not a bad idea. Relative unknown James "Buster" Douglas shocked the world twenty years ago, at once reminding us anything is possible (then) and how f**king old we are (now)...