Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Women of the Blues

From Ed:
This past weekend was another great run of shows at the club. Thursday we had Danielle Nicole here. She was the first female Blues artist to be nominated in the Bass category for the Blues Music Awards back in 2012. In 2014 she was the second woman to receive the nomination and the first female recipient in that category. Saturday we had Lisa Mann and her Really Good Band here. Lisa was the second woman to receive the Blues Music award for Blues Bassist and she has won the category two years in a row now. Maybe you were not able to make these shows, or if this was simply not enough Women of the Blues for you? If that's the case, don't miss the 4 time Blues Music award nominee Karen Lovely this Sunday at the club. She will be bringing her buddy, International Blues Challenge finalist, John Del Toro with her to perform a special Sunday show. Still not enough Women of the Blues for you, huh? Well check our September calendar to make reservations for Duffy Bishop 9/10, Maria Muldaur 9/11 for another special Sunday showcase and the return of Nikki Hill 9/16.

~Ed Maloney

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Highway 99 Blues Book Club!

From Ed:
Well, after much discussion among staff, regulars and musicians about books, specifically music books, we have decided to create a Highway 99 book club. Well, at least our version of one. (I want to make a quick personal note here: My friend Stacy will be very proud of me and Highway 99 Blues Club for starting, what I can only imagine to be, the first ever book club within a Blues music venue.) Every few weeks we will post a new book on here for all to check out. If it seems like something that is of interest to you, give it a read. This forum is open to anyone of you who has an interest in reading about music. Yes, that is correct, staff, music fans, musicians, hell we'll even include our beloved sound guy Kirk in this one. He deserves it!! Grab me at the club and tell me about any book that you would like for me to post and I will get it up here for all to read.

I thought that I would appropriately kick off the Highway 99 Book Club with a nod to a local hero. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Harmonicas, Harps and Heavy Breathers. The Evolution of The People's Instrument by Kim Field. Kim had to leave us for some cool digs in New York City, but is a Seattle guy through and through. He is a national treasure as a blues harmonica player and the most respected author, worldwide, to take on the harmonica as a topic. Kim wrote this book back in 1993. It still stands up today. In my opinion, this is THE book to have in your collection if you are interested in harmonica. This book covers the inception of the instrument, the early days, the various forms of music where the harmonica has been applied, up to Blues and modern day harmonica. I suggest that when you read this book, first skip to the back and read up on the 8 page discography. This is going to be your soundtrack to the book. Find this music and play it as you read the book. It applies to the content of the book itself. You will find this a much more satisfying way to enjoy this read. Then the next time you see Kim, shake his hand and thank him for such an important contribution to music history. You can find this on amazon for $4.73 used and $11.29 new. That's less than the cost of a CD and it covers generations of music.
 - Ed