Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Eve 2012-13: a Pictorial

The 7th Annual Hayride to Hell New Year's Eve Bash was barrels of fun! We'll let the photos do the talking. (photos by Erika Olsen unless otherwise noted) As we're getting ready to open doors, the Puget Sound sunset across the street represents the calm before the storm. (photo by Britta Lyle)
Seattle rock and Americana icon Mark Pickerel kicked things off with a riveting 30-minute solo acoustic set.
The folks are bellied-up and ready for a proper evening (photo by Tim Burge)
Nick Vigarino kicked things up a notch by going electric and using any old thing to play slide guitar as he walked through the capacity crowd and laid down the charm. 'cause he's got that.
An Evening at Merlotte's: Burlesque Inspired by True Blood producer Steve, getting some harmless platonic love from Benji and Josie.
The Blue Velvet Rhythm & Blues Dance Revue was hosted by the great Blues Music Award nominee Karen Lovely (pictured with Andrew Cloutier on drums)
with dance accents courtesy of cabaret artist, 2011 Ms. Viva Las Vegas Inga Ingenue
and international burlesque star The Shanghai Pearl
"Is there a trumpet man in the house?" Mr. John Fricke, takin' care of business.
Ladies, for crissake's, will you cover yerselves!
Erika with our new friend Adrian from the Ukraine (photo by Tim Burge)
Our headliners, Bob Corritore & Dave Riley tore the place up!
with an after-midnight 30-minute encore, joined by Karen Lovely and Nick Vigarino who'd performed earlier, plus the great Kim Field, and 2-time Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominee Lee Oskar (photo by Jocelyn Beresford)
Sasha, Britta, Shanna, & Rachel (photo by Nga Dinh)
Bob & Jocelyn.
Tim & Michelle, spending their 29th wedding anniversary with us. What, did they get married in the first grade? Look at these young newlyweds!