Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Delta Roadhouse Showcase

We are so fortunate to host as many cool shows as we do. I mean, we work hard at everything and they say you create your own luck, but we still find ourselves delightfully experiencing an increasing number of "holy crap!" moments. One thing we try to do, above and beyond the normal business of booking good shows and providing a good environment for music, food, and beverage, is putting on special shows - shows with themes, concepts, and purposes that are unique to anything else, with multiple artists playing in unique combinations and settings. Our friend, resident artist and Northwest Americana treasure JD Hobson recently approached us with this wonderful idea to put a bunch of blues & roots oriented guitarists on stage for an evening of Mississippi Delta style acoustic music. There was Alice Stuart, whose career goes further back than she'd want you to know 'cause she's, like, seventeen-goin'-on-somethin'... There was Orville Johnson, veteran of the St. Louis scene and whose music has been heard on more than a hundred (literally) albums as well as the Tonight Show, PBS, and various soundtracks. There was Terry Robb, one of the West Coast's top acoustic blues guitarists - um... TWENTY-time Muddy Award winner for Best Acoustic Blues Guitarist - who has toured with Buddy Guy and Steve Miller and whose mantle includes some Grammys and Emmys; add Mark DuFresne on harp, and we've got the Delta Roadhouse Showcase! Here on the blog, we try to give some off-the-cuff recaps of some of the happenings here at the club, and the quality of the photos and video that garnish the posts will vary. Mostly, they come from our digital cameras. We're still waiting for MTV to return our call. On that note, here's a little slice of the Delta Roadhouse show:
Okay, we can't figure out how to upload this video for the blog, but you can watch it - all you gotta do is CLICK HERE

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