Friday, April 29, 2016

The Return of Big Sark's Drum Head

Here's a good ole Highway 99 story with a funny twist. Some of you may remember the story of the Stolen Steve Sarkowsky Drum head. Yes it is true, our founder's drum head, which has hung on the wall among the club memorabilia for many years, went missing about 9 months ago. Some of you may remember being questioned by me. I May have even interrogated a few you "usual suspects" lightly or beyond. Well, I am proud to announce that Big Sark's drum head has been returned to us, interestingly enough, by our brother Eric Elliott. You see, Eric was diagnosed with liver cancer last year. He spent much of his hospital time here in Seattle as well as Las Vegas. Our 99 friends have a unique sense of humor in times of need and often go to extreme lengths to bring a smile to the faces that could use it the most. Well, Eric's got a friend who thought it a funny prank to steal something out of Eric's favorite club in an effort to bring a smile to his face while he was shacked up in the hospital. Good ole Eric Elliott returned the drum head after we had a very successful fundraiser for him just two weeks ago. When questioned by me as to "Why didn't you return this earlier??!!", Eric looked at me funny and simply said, "I've been in the hospital fighting cancer, man!" So I gave him a pass!

You can help a brother a out by contributing to the Go Fund Me campaign that folks are using to help defray the medical bills - every little bit helps:

Thank you to all of the bands, friends and family who have supported Eric here at our fundraiser and the many events on his behalf throughout the city. Eric is a true Seattle gem, who has devoted many years of his life to preserving and progressing rockabilly and rock n roll music here in Seattle. We look forward to many more years with our brother..... Just as long as his buddies stop stealing our shit, man!!!

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