Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Social Media?

(originally published Feb. 17, 2016)
Hey! This is a good place to keep in touch with us and get all the info. you need about All Things Highway 99 Blues Club, but we're also on social media where we often post info. and articles to Facebook and Twitter, photos to Instagram, or as we sometimes call them, "snapchat and the instaface..." But seriously, folks... While all the essential info. is on the website and here on the weekly email, sometimes shows are announced and go on sale first on Facebook and Twitter, and our Instagram stuff isn't always the same stuff we post anywhere else. We also have a YouTube channel! Check 'em out. The links above take you to our pages. Here's a recent video from our YouTube channel, the Hank Shreve Band doing "Mellow Down Easy" a couple weeks ago:

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