Sunday, October 4, 2009

Redemption, Sanctification, Gospelization

The other night, we hosted the secular debut of a gospel band called Brothers of the Empty Tomb. What we did know: they're a very good band, a nine-piece whirlwind of rhythm & blues, gospel and soul music complete with horns, backing vocals, a dynamite organist, a hard-driving rhythm section, and what makes them truly dangerous are the soaring lead vocals of James Armstrong and the mind-boggling, filthy, nasty, furious guitar work of Gareth Best. What we didn't know: how many people would show up to see a band which has only played in its church, and on a Thursday night, never mind the matter of how nervous the band might be. The result? Totally sold out, and they blew the roof off the dump. They played traditional hymns re-worked as soul and r&b rave-ups, original gospel tunes, rhythm & blues covers by the likes of Sam & Dave and Freddie King. Here's some video of the song that closed their first set, a souped-up cover of Parliament's "Testify."

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Rick said...

Do it again!!!

Can't wait until they're back. And it was my first time at your club. Great place. Looking forward to seeing other acts there. too.